Celebrate Diwali in Eco-Friendly Way


Diwali also known as Deepavali. The word “Deepavali” means a row of lighted lamps. During this festival, people light up their houses and shops with Diyas (Small round-shaped oil lamp made of clay). They worship the Lord Ganesha for good welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom.

Diwali is a celebration of great victory over evil, transitioned darkness into light and wisdom over ignorance.

Avoid crackers this Diwali, spend the evening with music, dance, games, and dinner.

Eco-Friendly Ways are:

  1. Limit the festivity – Set Celebration time by 10 PM till midnight. Education for newborn babies, infants and the elderly. We pose a high risk of health risks associated with excessive noise and air pollution. Diwali is the time to seek the elderly’s blessings and give babies love.


  2. Environmentally friendly decorations – Instead of artificial flowers using natural colors and actual flowers and leaves for Rangoli. Decorate home instead of plastic ribbon with some vivid and colorful duppattas and sarees. Using organic sticks of occurrence and fresh flowers. Remove the fresheners from the synthetic space.rangoli

  3. Play with other fun activities to avoid crackers – Instead of chemical crackers buy only eco-friendly crackers. Recycled paper makes of Eco-friendly crackers. The sound produced by these crackers is in accordance with the Pollution Board’s defined limits.


  4. Use of Earthen Lamps – Instead of electrical / Chinese diyas, decorate home with “earthen lamps or diyas.” Earthen lamps require oil to illuminate, but emission is negligible. This season supports the spread of unhealthy bacteria and insects. The diya fire and the chemicals it produces destroy the germs in the water. It also reduces the bill for energy. These lamps / diyas also improve the house’s elegance.


  5. Go Organic – Give natural gifts to your loved ones. You may donate organic items such as soaps and creams, tea, coffee, spices, gourmet ice creams, bags, shoes, decorative items, paintings, crafts, etc. It also communicates your ecological love and care. In reusable containers or paper bags, distribute candy or any other food. Remove plastics to keep litter free in your neighborhood.


  6. Use of handmade paper packaging – Cover with handmade / newspaper gifts. It will bring an ethnic look to cover the gifts with colorful cloth or jute.


  7. Donate things – Separate items such as toys, household items, and unwanted clothes. Better donate to an orphanage or nearby poor people to make their Diwali happy.


  8. Gift Plants – Better to give plants for gifts. There are a variety of ornamental plants on the market. Great for you and the surroundings.